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Full Circle Experience

As a certified Health and Life Coach I will help shape your perspective about nutrition, movement and mindset into a healthy and productive one. My approach to sustainable weight loss and holistic living will double your energy and totally transform you inside and out.


I’ll provide aid in developing healthy habits that can last a lifetime and skills that can transform the way you cope with challenging and emotional moments you may encounter throughout your life.



I'll support and empower you to take agency to live a full and balanced life. 


Join me in the quest to awaken your inner strength!

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My Story...

What lead me to coaching?

Several years after college, my mental and physical state felt like it was deteriorating. As a collegiate lacrosse player, I had always been active. However, once that structure and discipline was gone, I developed a plethora of unhealthy habits that affected my daily life. Those habits clouded my vision of how I could regain my motivation and power. I might have looked happy and confident to others, but truth be told, I was struggling. Until one day, I told myself, "enough is enough"! It was time to get my mental and physical health back in order. I worked with my own life coach to help me find my life's purpose. I recreated my own narrative to one that would be fulfilling and make me feel whole again.

From that moment on, I made a vow to myself to consciously consume nutritious food that helped give me the energy I needed to finally move my body the way I once had! I dove head first into all things nutrition - I knew that was going to be my biggest hurdle. After months of research and embarking on this weight-loss journey, I was hooked. I was seeing inspiring results, inside and out. There was no stopping me now. Two years later and 50 pounds lighter, here I am - healthy, happy, and passionate about helping others achieve something I found so powerfully rewarding. My own journey inspired me to make a much needed shift into making this my career. I can't wait to awaken your inner strength and help you take control of your life again. <3



Coach Shelby

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“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh

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