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What Clients Have Said

"Shelby was the full package! Inspiring with her own health journey and accomplishments, understanding of where I was and where I wanted to be, the biggest listener and encourager, but most of all she was so passionately invested in teaching me how to achieve my goals and make changes that would truly stick. With her support, I learned how to shift my mental thought process surrounding health and this mental shift has had a massive ripple effect throughout ALL of the other areas in my life. My health, my marriage, my relationships, my energy, my career, and my entire outlook on life have all been positively affected as a result of this 90 day journey. I have not only learned how to put myself and my health first, but I now think more positively and clearly about what works for me and my body. I have found a health routine that not only fits my lifestyle, but has also inspired those around me, including my husband to jump on board! Little did I know our whole family would benefit from a fun and interactive 90 day health program. Being healthy doesn't have to be hard, it just takes time, dedication and a pure love for yourself. Thank you Shelby for changing my life!"

Nichole A.

"The 90 Day Total Transformation Program with Shelby has been amazing and life changing! This program has helped transform my life in the best ways – I feel healthier, more energized, and confident in myself. Every week I learned something new that helped me to create a healthy and meaningful lifestyle. This program has helped me to have a healthy relationship with food, gain self-awareness of my physical and emotional health, and helped me gain the self-confidence I needed! None of this would have been attainable without Shelby as my coach. She is truly so amazing at giving you the guidance that you need to meet your goals. She helped me navigate through my struggles, reassured me when my confidence was low, and gave me so much motivation to keep on going! Shelby is such an awesome and inspiring coach, I am so thankful to have been able to work with her!"

Chas T.

"I loved working with Shelby! I felt motivated and reenergized after every call. She is so positive and full of knowledge. She made me feel comfortable enough to voice my concerns and insecurities, but also comfortable enough to feel like I could brag about my successes! I still find myself referencing our conversation topics weeks after we talked about them. If you’re looking for a lifelong health and lifestyle change, she’s your girl!"

Haley H.

"Where do I begin! Shelby has been the light I didn't realize I needed. Knowing she has been in my position helped me trust that she truly understood and knew exactly where I wanted to be. She helped me out a serious funk and re-lit the fire under my butt. With Shelby's support, I was able to dig deep and learn thing about myself and my habits that I couldn't have done otherwise. She shifted me into a better place mentally, allowing me to focus on my heath and fitness goals. Every call would inspire me and motivate me to be a better version of myself. In just 90 days I was finally excited to work out and eager to eat healthy again. I was working on myself and explored my mental health in ways I've never been able to do before. She may be a health and fitness coach, but she has an insane ability to help you balance out your entire life. Shelby is such positive person and exudes a bright light that you will want to keep around. I am beyond thankful for Shelby and I can't wait to continue this journey with her! She has been the best coach, listener & friend through this entire experience. Thank you thank you thank you Shelby! You have changed my life in just a short (and fun) 3 months; I can't wait to see what the next 90 days brings! If you want to transform your life in the best & easiest way possible, SHELBY IS YOUR GIRL"

Brittny J.

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